Sunday afternoon pulling

Just wrapped up another ritual breath work pulling this afternoon , this time a three-way pulling. The location was more than perfect as there were several reminders of where, why and when I began my career as a piercer. I want to give a big thank you to our host, your energy and presence was remarkable and not to be forgotten. I look forward to a future play piercing session!

I know for some that see pullings and suspension as some form of a masochistic display of self hurt but everyone who has participated with me in these meditations has experienced something profound and can attest to the fact that this is about self love and respect and has nothing to do with wanting to hurt one’s self.

One reason to do a ritual like this and why I participate in sessions like these is that over the years as I have found that my body is just a tool, I am not my body , I am much bigger than this shell that holds me. By inserting hooks into my flesh I am initiating a respect for my body as it is the tool that will allow me to acknowledge the distinction  or boundary that is mind and body. The breath work is no different than meditation and or yoga exercise and with each breath I am able to get to a deeper state of consciousness that is shared amongst those participating. Each breath we slowly become one, there is no pain, no suffering only a state of acceptance and the hooks ultimately serve as only a reminder that the YOU you discover during the ritual is much, much bigger than identity, ego and that as you drift into a deeper state, the reminder is just how small our bodies, our boundaries, or limitations and opinions really are.

Seeing your skin being pulled by hooks just reminds you in a conscious state that you are connected to something, something I believe many of us take for granted far too much.

I have chosen to share the many rituals I have been involved with for the past decade or so only to show that as strange as it may seem to some, you can attain a space of balance, self-love, stillness, absence of thought and a connection with another human being on a level that just doesn’t exist in mundane western culture.

Vice Mag pulling

Last night I performed a ritual breathwork pulling with an intern at Vice magazine. We pulled for just 20 mins which is the minimum time to get to a deeper state. I will be involved in another pulling on Sunday that should go for much longer.

The interview will be aired on VICE T.V. sometime in the new year and when I know when exactly I’ll post the link to it.

This pulling couldn’t have happened at a better time. Lately I have been feeling out of balance with myself and my surroundings and at odds with my patience levels so this was a welcome moment to just sit back, breathe and slow down everything and get centered again. After 20 mins of deep breathing I had no thoughts, no stress, only a clear perception of being grounded.

A big thanks to those involved last night, the crew and Nico for giving us a space to do this.


And so it begins…. This week I will be participating in two separate breathwork pullings and it couldn’t be happening at a better time than now.