8g Dermal Punched Nostrils

Some before and after pic’s of a fresh dermal punched 8g nostrils done between the holiday and New Years.


All the other piercings NOT by me, just the new dermaled nostrils.




The Good and Bad of The Dermal Anchor

I recently removed a dermal anchor form a client that due to her job and their restrictions of facial piercings had to come out, so sad.

I have removed several Dermals in the past and while removing this particular piece of jewelry I had a more difficult time unlocking from the pocket. Once I was able to expose the foot of the post I was shocked to see that the foot had not the standard three holes but a long opening similar to that of a transdermal. Now what I discovered during the procedure was that because of the larger opening, more tissue was able to get a good hold on the thin edges of the foot making it more difficult to remove easily and ultimately causing more uneccessary trauma to the underlying tissue.

I don’t like this particular jewelry design nor do I understand why it is appropriate for a single point piercing. My advice to any piercers out there is too not use this design, a simple three holed or non hole plate works just as fine in healing and if and when it needs to be removed it will slide out easier than the previous poorly thought designed dermal.