Water On The Knee

When I was 12 years old I injured my knee badly playing sports, and had to have a orthoscopic surgery two times to remove damaged cartilage and debris and since then my knee has never been the same. Every now and then if I stress it jumping off bar tables, crowd surfing or whatever other crazy shit I do, some of which I won’t mention here, my knee fills up with synovial fluid which in the past I had to have a doctor drain it and inject a corticoid.

I’ve mentioned in the past my experiences with doctors and my overall love with the medical profession ( Fucking Hate them and trust them with NOTHING!!) The last time I drained my knee myself, yes I have appropriate knowledge and experience, thing is I wanted to find another alternative to heal it without draining or injecting other foreign shit into my body.

A good friend of mine told me about an essential oil that can be massaged on the swollen area and behind the joint of the knee to remove the fluid build up and help the knee to heal.I have always been open to natural treatments and remedies as opposed to pharmaceutical treatments, I don’t even take Advil for hangovers and since I never get headaches I don’t need that stuff scarring up my kidneys and liver.

I am documenting the various stages of this process along with the progression of the healing. I’ll begin with a shot of my knees to compare the uninjured  one with the injured one, the oil used and the days that it takes to return to normal.

Day 1, massage oil morning and night.

My left knee, one with dragon bali mask is the injured one as seen in the following picture.



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