2nd Black Sleeve…..

We got started on re-blacking my black arm last night. A fun three hour session with the sweetness of a 25 magnum. Oddly enough I’m not even close to as swollen as I was 10 years ago when I first did my arm black, this time I waited until it got colder out rather than in mid july.

Bloody saran wrap after a quick smoke break and now a pic of David’s finger that was burned from the heat of his machine from pushing that 25 mag for three hours.

I have been slacking on keeping up with this blog, been needing time to get things organized so for anyone interested in following this blog, well I’ll be posting a little less often for the time being and should be back on a regular posting marathon in the near future. On that note I have returned to Facebook, yes I know how I’ve sworn against it but truth is I am able to remain more connected to those that I need to keep in touch with.

Be back soon…….

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