Of the world of monetary slavery, the global banking system.

The world of false news that only perpetuates fear to the masses and tells us nothing.

Our politicians that are bought and owned by lobbyist’s with an agenda of self-interest.

Of  Employers that discriminate against self-expression despite the fact that the majority of the clientele doesn’t give a shit what you look like, good business is good customer service, that in itself changes more perceptions than anything.

Of a world of superficial heroes that have no morals, no real personality and behave like absolute imbeciles just to make television ratings and somehow they achieve celebrity status like they are something to aspire to be, absolute bullshit, pour example;

Jersey shore, glass house, big brother, the bachelor etc etc;, WTF?? Television for that matter.

On that note, the world of celebrities and the fascination of what they do when not shooting a film, where they were seen, what they ate, drank, total fucking nonsense, are you kidding me, you star in a movie, millions of people see you and for some reason you’re better than us, Fuck off!

The world of worshipping something other than your pure self, meaning as I mentioned in the last paragraph, celebrities are just people , they ain’t worth shit unless you’re foolish enough to think they’re somehow better than you.

Radio and the redundant never-ending wheel of shit that subjects us to a state of acceptance of whatever shit product they will try to sell us down the line, c’mon already really??

CAPITILISIM!! and corporate power, so tired of this nonsense, it seems to me now that everywhere I turn I’m either being sold something or being lured into thinking that for some reason I need their product, Fuck Off!! I want to watch a video on youtube ( no plug intended I assure you) and if I choose a video that has a certain amount of hits I am forced to sit through a FUCKING advertisement for some shit that doesn’t even interest me, and even if it came close to interesting me I don’t want to see it or be FORCED TO HAVE TO VIEW IT BEFORE I WATCH THE VIDEO I WANT TO WATCH.  I do not want to be subjected to accept something that only wants to convince me to BUY THEIR PRODUCT!!

Of Texting and cellphone addiction, you people walking around the city buried in your phones that don’t even see or are aware of your surroundings SUCK!! I see this daily and just laugh to myself how even though you think your connected, you are so DISCONNECTED!, There is a world around us and yet I see so many buried in this little device that takes all your attention span away from your WORLDLY surroundings, pretty scary actually.

When I speak to someone and during the conversation they have to look down at their newest text message like it was so extremely important and then turn to me and ask me to repeat the question, well, I feel bad for you, should be here with me, not pretending that you are all the while you’re somewhere else.

Of misinformed propaganda like the shit that’s happening in Syria we never hear about in our local news.

The queen and the monarchy. Trillions in wealth yet has never done anything for the people.

Vaccines and why we as a population are dupped into believing we need them and what they are really made of (www.naturalnews.com) when our IMMUNE systems are fully capable of defending without added poisons.

Of the corruptedness of Big Pharma, Bill Gates and everything else persuaded and motivated by greed before common sense and a awareness of genuine best interests.

The world of companies that control pretty much everything, your doctors, your police, your mayor, elections, etc etc; the more you look into it the more you can see that what we think is is in fact not what it is and the more we learn the better we’ll all be.

I could go on and on but I’m sure many of you reading this already have some sense about you that this world we are living in is not what it could be or what we may have thought it to be. I invite you to research more and rely less on mainstream news to compare what we are not being told , why we’re always being sold something and most of it with no value at all other than profits for a bunch of dicks that would never take your back if you needed help.

A smart and kind man once told me that ”Anything that invokes a question within you must be questioned, and once you find an answer to that question, question more and trust that you will find the truth, but if you ask nothing, you will lose your way’

I must note that I am not a negative person, quite the contrary, I only seek to live a simple life, enjoy the pleasures of those I know personally, those that I meet and the appreciate the  moments I share with those around me, I want nothing more than to be happy and to see the people I know around happy as well and to enjoy finding ways to just be fulfilled, if even for just a moment, but I cannot sit still and not say that the illusion that surrounds us daily is frustrating at best a needs a kick in the ass to get back to being simple, a place for all to enjoy without being directed to buy something or sold something or to feel protected when we already are and don’t need a constant barrage of products to feel complete.

Of sellouts, fake Gurus, media made heroes and the next best app or smart phone, or any shit related to enhancing your mobile experience.

Of false promises and deceptions, of gained security with no real substantial platforms that are proven FACT for the better good.

My list could go on but I’m done, I’m on vacation but I wanted to share what was on mind, thanks for listening.






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