Tea Tree Oil 100%

For several years I have advised my clients to use natural treatments for their piercings that are cranky and slow to heal as well as fighting infections. One of the absolute best treatments to remove that annoying little pimple like red blister that forms beside a new healing piercing is the use of TEA TREE OIL. This oil has successfully treated and healed many a cranky angry piercing as well as starved off infections.

The best way to use this oil effectively is to stop using any other treatments such as soap, sea salt sprays, baxedin etc etc:,

Using either clean hot water (freshly boiled and cooled enough to apply to the skin without burning) or hot sea salt water ( 1/4 tsp. sea salt to 8oz water) 

– Soak a pad of fresh gauze and apply directly to the affected area and with gentle pressure keep in place for 3 mins, no less no more than that.

– Pat dry with a new fresh pad of gauze

– With a clean finger, apply and massage gently two to three drops of TEA TREE OIL and let be.

– Repeat this routine twice daily for three weeks then stop and leave alone for one week.

– If you notice that the irritated pimple or piercing has completely improved before the three-week term is finished continue only for four more days then leave alone.

– Best to visit your piercer for a check up.

– Most important when doing the treatment is to avoid touching and playing with the piercing, avoid changing the jewelry and  leave it alone.

There is my secret I’ve been using for many years and many of my clients will attest to the fact that when used correctly, the irritation or infection will clear up perfectly.

Yes you can buy TEA TREE OIL in most pharmacies but I prefer to buy it from local health food stores or herbal healing stores, your more likely to get a better quality oil and the best part is the profits don’t go to Big Pharma!

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