Dirty doctors

Un fucking real!!! I just have to rant here and hopefully open some of your eyes as to how negligent and dangerous doctors,nurses and private clinics are.

The level of cross contamination is UNACCEPATBLE!! I have never seen a place function as dirty as the one I went to and walked away from yesterday. I will never visit a clinic again. Every time I have seen a doctor in Montreal I am treated disrespectfully, like a piece of junkie garbage ( I don’t even use drugs)and looked down upon because of my tattoos. Tell me exactly why we are supposed to trust doctors, because they know something we don’t, well to gain my trust you better prove to me that you know what you’re doing and do it professionally. I’m not a sheep and do not automatically assume that doctors have my best interest at heart and I’m proven this right from the get go with tones of prejudice.

My experience yesterday was horrible. the doctor that attempted to treat me greated me with a tone of condescension and judgement that set the meeting into a bad tone from the start. Upon entering the room she dropped her prescription pad in the garbage ( full of contaminated bloody gauze from the previous client) then proceeded to go into the garbage to pick it out and placed it directly on the counter on top of the sundry jar cover -( which is to keep sterile swabs from being exposed to the air)

Then hastily and in a very rushed fashion began to pull out several syringes and needles to be used for draining the fluid from my knee all of which were not even the correct size. She then placed them not on a properly aseptic field set up but rather on the same part of the desk that has not been washed or covered. The mayo stand holding the stainless steel tray that is normally used to prepare a set up was visibly dirty with a thick layer of dust, hair and remints of liquid that was never properly rinsed. The bed that has that paper sheet covering it was still there from the previous client with pubis hair, wet spots of who knows why and torn and crumpled which I then changed myself.

I began to explain to her that I have several years of blood borne pathogens and aseptic field preparation training and that the room was not acceptable under standard precautions and that I would be reporting her and the clinic for unsanitary practices. Now at this point the only reason I was there was to get my knee drained and since i just prepared a set up and desperately needed to relieve the swelling so I don’t end up with an internal infection and the fact that since I waited a week too long to have this procedure done I also desperately needed a cortisone shot so the fluid wouldn’t come back since I would be walking on it immediately.

The last straw of this horrible ordeal was after she began draining the fluid she needed to empty it into the sink and rescrew it back on to the needle, well while she was emptying the syringe, the synovial fluid from inside my knee is leaking out all over the floor, all over my leg and pants, so now not only am I contaminated she wouldn’t even pass me a product to disinfect my hands and leg and now I am a biohazard to others in the clinic….unacceptable!

This continued until I was able to reach across her and grab some gauze and a bandage at which point I removed the needle wiped of the entry point and immediately bandaged myself and got the hell out of there.

I am livid about this experience and this is not even the half of it. I will mention that I know for a fact that the work that I do and how I set up my room for procedures each and every day for clients far EXCEEDS what you will find in most clinics, I am non judgmental with my clients and do not rush them in and out  or let any of my clients leave contaminated!

I am serious about the work I do and professional beyond what I have ever experienced with doctors in this corrupt province. I am sure my complaint to the head of medicine will go unnoticed and even if my complaint is heard can bet not much would be done about it for future clients of lazy, dirty doctors.

To all the doctors I have dealt with over the past ten years, YOU SUCK!

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