Water on the knee

16 years ago I had two operations on my knee to remove damaged cartilage and now once every 4 years my knee will swell up with fluid and become extremely annoying in my freedom of movement. I used to have the proper equipment to drain it myself which I unsuccessfully tried to do yesterday to save me a trip to the doctor and a long wait time with sick people. Unfortunately the syringes I have on hand are to small and do not create enough pressure to remove the fluid although I was successful in getting the needle all the way down underneath my knee cap. So now I have to drag my ass to the clinic and get it done by the doctor with the BIG syringe!

Heres a picture of how swollen my knee is.  I look forward to being able to bend it again and walk normally cause this boy has a lot of things to do today and no time to be slowed down by a temporary handicap.

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