Pic’s from the shop portfolio

These are some  pictures from my portfolio I keep in the shop.

Healed Fore-helix to Rook Orbital piercing.

Yes you can pierce an outie! just be careful

I’ve only ever done two of these piercings and as you can see in the picture, they can and have healed perfectly. This particular outie had just the right amount of skin to pierce and have the jewelry rest without any added stress from the underlying umbilicus tissue.

I’ve seen some strange reactions to this piercing when people look through my portfolio and comments such as “that’s gross“ or some judgemental reactions, All I can say is that before you feel compelled to judge and criticize something that is different to you, why not ask yourself why it is so strange and why you are so inherently so quick to judge?

Healed double septum piercings.

This is one of my all time favourite secret piercings. The jewelry is a segment ring with a T-Bar post that connects to the ring the same way as a bead does only the post runs through the piercing to hold the jewelry in place. Very cool and innovative jewelry.

This client came to me with his old tongue barbell and wanted to see what we could do with it so I came up with this, a helix to rook industrial. It took awhile to heal but worked out nice. This is it fully healed.

This was one of the most tricky Orbital Conch piercings I’ve ever done, super tricky to get that CBR closed but it turned out mint. I really love the look of this piercing.

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