Thinking of…

how grateful I am for everything I have around me and how meaningless most things become when I’m grateful.

For  example, years ago when I would trip out on LSD and be in amazement of all that was in front of me I immediately recognized the beauty I was facing, that was present around me, and when the trip was over I always had a reminder  that even though this la la land trip was over the energy of life and all the vibrations that make up all that is and was and is constantly around me and never goes away.

With that said, I cannot begin to tell you how awake I’ve learned to be with my surroundings, I just want to share that as cliche as it may sound, life is happening all the time, and to be in this regardless of waht trivial shit is happening on the surface, underneath an experience is always thriving, with a constant exilerence that lately I have reconnected with and makes me proud and truly aware of how glad I am to be here …right now in this experience wherever I may be, this experience is the only one I know and I must do the best I can with it.

I’m aware of how much the daily grind can subdue oneself from ones self but in all honesty, I know I am bigger than the illusions I sometimes allow to permeate my way of being and you are too!

Feels good to be alive, really alive. I am reminded when I listen and look around me that things are stuck but as long as I’m not,  then I’m okay, and I can continue to exist in my space of vibration regardless of what is opposing me.

Underneath it all we are all the same you and I and in the end none of this even matters, my goal is to live, and hopefully be contagious enough to raise the vibration of being grateful for what and who we are and not be a prisoner to the toys and distractions around us that take away the essence of who and what you truly are and what most importantly what you and I are capable of.

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