Breathwork pullings, 2001-2002

In preparation for an upcoming ritual pulling I will be participating in at the end of September I wanted to share some photos from a couple of pulling sessions I organized back in 2001 and 2002.

Over the three years I was involved with my suspension project known around Montreal as ”ETRE SUSPENDU” I personally performed 18 suspensions in different positions and 11 ritual breathwork pullings with various participants. There is no comparison to made with a suspension or a pulling other than they both require the use of Flesh hooks.

In my experience with pullings, even though it may look simple , which is the point, you can get really deep. The use of deep rhythmic breathing creates an opening so profound that even though the body is engaged in a gentle tug of war due to our breaths, the simple separation of the physical plane and the conscious plane is just beautifully powerful!

Once the tension of the ropes goes slack, the real weight of how deep we went presented itself and even though all who were involved in the pulling experienced different levels of inspiration, one thing we all agreed on was that we were connected  as if we were one complete breath.

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