The Beginning….

Of my full chest enlightenment body suit tattoo. I have always been awestruck by the meaning and image of the swastika     ( absolutely nothing to do with that motherfucker hitler whole STOLE a very powerful sacred symbol     on the meditating buddha statues and felt compelled to have ”Buddhas heart” tattooed in the same placement as seen on the statues as a symbol of good fortune and a reference point of balance between my physical  and conscious self. I am planning on completing my body suit by tattooing my third eye, still a ways to go for that one but getting closer every year.

I do realize that many people still have difficulty with the swastika and what it inappropriately represented decades ago,  but those who know me know that I am far and away from that representation and although I am not a buddhist,  I feel more aligned in Buddhist philosyphy and spiritually than any other.  I don’t feel like I have to explain myself for my choices but thought I would at least offer some insight behind my motivation to adorn my body with controversial though highly scared imagery.

Forward is the only direction I am interested in going, learn from the past , but do not be stuck in it!

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