Skin Horse……The Movie

About six or seven years ago someone dropped off some flyers at the studio I was working at that read-”looking for heavily tattooed male for movie”. I was curious as to what the movie would be and what it was all about so I called up the man who left us the flyers and after a brief discussion of his project we agreed to meet for breakfast that week.

Who would’ve thought that this meeting would gain me a life long friend whom I have learned so much about myself from. Our breakfast meeting was a deep conversation of the vision of his movie that spliced together my own life’s philosphy’s and journey. We instantly hit it off and all my reservations prior to our meeting regarding the movie were laid to rest as his vision spoke loud and clear to me from the get go.

That summer we began shooting the film titled ”SKIN HORSE” . My part in the movie had me on set for several hours a day for one week. During that time I learned so much about all the goings on behind the scenes and how much work it is to make a film. I was beyond impressed with the crew and how well they all worked together. The film is a silent film with only music as the dialogue performed by a great Toronto band ”DO MAKE SAY THINK” the actors have no lines, we just had to act out expressions which was really fun. The story line and plot is very absrtact and surreal and the overall film is under an hour and flys by quickly.

When I went to the movie premiere and saw myself on the big screen I was blown away that I was involved in such a cool project and excited for my new friend and the films producer, Nick Goso, who was informed after the screening that the movie had been selected to show at the Cannes film festival in the independent category.

More on the movie synopsis can be found in a google search as I was only wanting to share a brief summary of how it all happened. That’s me on the cover of the film, or rather my character-”J.D.”


Plot summary for
Skin Horse (2005)
Extraordinarily talented, fraught with stints of dementia, BAXTER shares his experience with the inhabitants of the urban wasteland, offering them bizarrely-crafted sculptures he fashions from bits of urban-detritus, until his brother’s murder leaves him abandoned to the perils of the inner-city. Written by Nick Goso

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